Chiropractors in Hackney, London.

• Back Pain, Neck Pain & Joint Pain
• Sports Chiropractic & Sports Injuries
• Preganancy Care
• DNS Rehabilitation

We are a team of highly trained, dedicated clinicians, that think you deserve to be pain free and moving better.
— Chris Wood, Founder & Clinic Director


What we do


Hands on therapy: Chiropractic & more

Chiropractic, sports massage, acupuncture & soft tissue work are but a few of the treatments we use to get you out of pain and moving properly again.

Tailored Rehab & Recovery Programmes

We blend our hands-on skills and rehab expertise with technology, to create tailored recovery programmes that meet your individual needs & goals.

1 to 1 DNS Coaching: Athletic Rehabilitation

Using our years of experience with Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation, we provide 1 to 1 rehabilitation and movement coaching.